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First Profession at the Novitiate of Thiès Province of Senegal
The Novitiate, at Thiès, forms candidates from the three French Speaking African Provinces: Brazzaville, Kinshasa
and Senegal. At the beginning of this year, there were seventeen Novices: Fifteen 1st year and two 2nd year. The two
Novices: Bro. Edgard Martinien NIAKAWOYA, from the Republic
of Central Africa, Province of Brazzaville, and Bro. Grégoire Wagane
GNING, Senegalese, made their first profession, at the Novitiate, on
July 01, 2017.
The Eucharist was presided over by the Vicar General of the Diocese of
Thiès, in the presence of many Priests, Religious men and women and
lay faithful. In Senegal, the Novices have their programmes and formation
sessions in common with the candidates of several other Congregations
present in the country. Almost all the Novices had come,
with their Formators, to participate in the Eucharist, on the occasion
of the First Profession. The Parish Priest of Diakhao, Bro. Grégoire’s
birthplace, had come along with a number of members of the Brother’s
family and other faithful. Bro. Edgard’s friends and compatriots were
also present. As a whole, finally, the Assembly was rather impressive
and gave a solemn dimension to the ceremony, which was meant to be
simple at the beginning.
The following day, Sunday, July 2, a Thanksgiving Mass was celebrated
in Diakhao Parish that was keen on honouring the first Brother of St.
Gabriel born there. Quite a number of faithful took part in the celebration.
Bro. Edgard, the Novices and other Brothers were present for the
Thanksgiving Mass that was also rather moving.
The afternoon was very festive, with the whole village of Diakhao that
showed its cultural variety. Our Novices also showcased their talents in
animation. They were quite impressive.
These celebrations gave the Brothers of St. Gabriel the opportunity to
make themselves better known in an area that is already beginning to
provide candidates to the Province. Some of them are participating in the vocational camp that is currently taking place
in Palmarin.

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